What We Do 

Civil Solutions, LLC is a ConsultationMediation and Education firm created to provide a space for creative, compassionate, cost-effective problem solving and educational training.   Since 1998, Jennifer Ingram Johnson has helped the people of Mississippi solve complex legal and personal problems with expertise, success and excellence.  Whether you are neck-deep in litigation or simply trying to figure out what to do next and where to start, Jennifer can help you discover the next right step of your journey toward the resolution of your problem.

Consultations, for individuals and attorneys, are available and can save time and money.  Let Jennifer share her many years of experience in the practice of law and in litigation to help point you in the right direction.  Click here to schedule a consultation. 

Jennifer offers mediation services to individuals who have not yet initiated legal proceedings, and to attorneys and their clients who find themselves in court and facing a trial.  Click here to schedule a mediation. Attorneys, click here for other services offered for you.

As the owner of Ingram, PLLC, a general civil litigation firm in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Jennifer was engaged in complex civil litigation on a full-time basis for over twenty-two years. She brings to Civil Solutions extensive experience and knowledge of litigation and trial work. Jennifer remains an active member of The Mississippi Bar and continues to offer legal representation to individuals and companies in certain select circumstances. Click here to schedule a consultation with Jennifer.

Consultations offer experienced, knowledgeable information about the process of legal action in Mississippi and how to best access that process for your unique circumstances. In most situations Jennifer can provide referrals to attorneys or other professionals in her expansive network of colleagues and contacts, thereby enhancing your search for meaningful and relevant help for your unique and individual circumstances. Save hours of searching the internet and calling around to different professionals trying to get answers to basic information and to find the perfect fit for you – let Jennifer consult with you to put you on the right path. Click here to schedule a consultation.

Mediations offer in-person or virtual opportunities for Jennifer to help you resolve your legal or personal disputes. Through her litigation practice, Jennifer has seen first-hand the emotional and financial toll the litigation process takes on her clients.  Jennifer’s expertise is bringing people together to enhance and accentuate their points of agreement and to creatively, compassionately and quickly resolve the areas of disagreement and dispute.  Maintain control over the outcome of your dispute – whether legal or personal – by allowing Jennifer to be the Mediator of your problem. Click here to schedule a mediation.

Educational seminars and workshops offer training for parents and co-parents and continuing legal education opportunities for Mississippi attorneys.  Parenting/Co-Parenting:  Jennifer’s personal experience with her own divorce and her experience in Mississippi Courts representing clients in divorce and custody matters ignited her drive to develop a way to meaningfully help families navigate the complex and frustrating emotional transitions brought about by the changes in relationships that occur when marriages end and family living arrangements drastically and abruptly change for each member of the family.  Understanding relationships and developing communication skills can prevent traumatic experiences for everyone, especially the children who are negatively impacted by separation and divorce of their parents.  Continuing Legal Education (CLE): CLE’s onvarious legal topics, including Ethics and Professionalism, are offered on-line and in-person.