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Jennifer has been a practicing attorney since 1998 and has a great deal of trial experience.  She knows the rigors of litigation and the toll it takes on you, as an attorney, and on your clients.  Litigation is time-consuming, expensive, and can be quite frustrating at times, particularly if you have a client that is not familiar with the litigation process.  Jennifer’s skill set is unique in that she has represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants in civil litigation matters and understands what motivates both sides of the dispute. She knows how to communicate with Plaintiffs who believe (perhaps erroneously) that they have that million-dollar claim, and she knows how to communicate with insurance adjusters who may not have considered all the risk factors at play in a certain case.  If you find yourself with a case that needs to be settled, click here to review available dates for mediating that case and moving it off your books!


Jennifer’s civil litigation experience for the entirety of her practice has largely focused on cases with medical components. She has tried or settled hundreds of medical malpractice cases, car wreck cases, and other personal injury cases. Jennifer has mastered the art of reviewing medical charts and conducting initial reviews to determine whether the case warrants further expert review, saving her own firm large sums of money in the process.

Do you have a personal injury case that involves understanding the medical events of your client?  Let Jennifer help you with a medical review and synthesis of medical records. All you have to do is collect the records and deliver them electronically – via email or dropbox.  She will then review the records in their entirety, select the records that are most pertinent to the claim(s), provide a basic medical time-line of events, and consult with you about the potential merits of the medical claim and the type of experts that you will likely need for a definitive answer regarding your case. Click here to book a consult.

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